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Steel Wire Wheel Garden Weed Brush Lawn Mower Grass Eater Trimmer Brush Cutter Tools Garden Grass Trimmer Head Weed Brush

Efficient and fast without hurting hands, a good helper for gardening and weeding

Quickly weed and increase your productivity

The use of thickened steel wire not only cleans quickly, but also cuts more evenly and weeds more thoroughly and quickly, greatly improving your work efficiency.

Sturdy and durable, not easy to deform

The weed trimmer is made of wear-resistant and impact-resistant carbon steel wire, the steel wire is uniform, not easy to lose wire, not easy to deform, not rust, very durable

Positioning hole design, safe and not displaced

The steel wire positioning hole design can effectively avoid displacement during use, and it can still work normally when it is hit by a stone or agglomeration, and it will not spread out, with strong stability and safety.

Easy to carry, more convenient to use outdoors

The lawn mower is light in weight and small in size, but has a strong impact, ideal for outdoor heavy duty cleaning and surface care, greatly reducing your workload.

Meet your mowing needs and save you hours of work

Great for cutting thick grass, tall grass, nettles, thorns, shrubs, saplings and more. Especially grass in corners or between bricks, removes heavy corrosion, rust, paint, spatter and scale, while also cleaning weld edges.

Easy to install and remove, a good assistant for gardening work

Compared with other trimmers, it has a long service life, higher work efficiency and better safety

Product details, high quality and safer

Item type: weed brush
Quantity: 1pc
Material: carbon steel wire
Color: silver
Suitable bore: 25.4mm/1.00inch
Item size: 15.0*15.0*4.5cm/5.9*5.9*1.8inch(L*W*H)
Weight: 565.0g/19.9oz

packing list:
1*weed brush

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