Ouch Reversible Hogtie Cuffs Red

The cuffs that come with this hogtie are designed with a polyurethane PU leather and a neoprene side, this allows you to choose the material you will feel on your skin by simply turn the cuffs around. The Neoprene side is colored and the PU leather side is black for a rougher look! Also they feature a Velcro lock what means they will fit almost everyone, a snap closure system to assure it is interchangeable with other bondage toys and also it allows you to combine other colored cuffs!

Specifications material side 1 Neoprene. Material side 2 polyurethane PU Leather. Diameter wrist cuffs 3.35 inches, diameter ankle cuffs 3.85 inches. Velcro locks. Metal snap closures. Dimensions 6.69 inches by 5.51 inches by 2.76 inches. From Shots America Ouch line.