Bind Me Kit -2 Part Check

System JO new Red Room Collection Bind Me Kit. The most important foundation within any relationship is open, honest communication; without it we would be left making educated guesses as to how someone feels and what they truly desire. The lover's contract that is built into the Bind Me Kit offers a great way to share a deeper side of yourself without fear of judgment, and within an agreed upon structure. Bring your relationship to new heights with the Red Room collection by JO and check back later for more tips, tricks, and helpful additions to take your bed room repertoire to a whole new level!

Bind Me Kit contains: Satin Blindfold, Silk Rope, JO Flavored H2O Lube 2 fluid ounces, JO Volt clitoral stimulant 0.07 fluid ounce, JO Prolonger desensitizing spray 0.07 fluid ounce, Erotic Book of JO 24 pages, Lover's Contract System JO Serve Me Kit I like it rough. I want it hard. I want you sore. Because I aim to please. Balance the pleasures of punishment with the Serve Me Kit. Command the best performance from your partner and reward them with the softest touch afterwards. Too fast? Too slow? Your paddle will let them know. Serve Me Kit includes: Spanker, Satin Restraint, JO Flavored H2O Lube 2 fluid ounces, JO Kissable Body Powder 1 ounce, Erotic Book of JO 24 pages, Lovers Contract.