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December 21, 2017 1 min read

When it comes to anal play, men are truly lucky. 

All genders can experience sexy feelings when they are stimulated anally. Men have a special pleasure spot that can be stimulated by putting pressure on the inside wall of their anus about two knuckles deep. The feeling men get from stimulating their prostate gland, or P-spot, has been compared to the deep pleasure G-spot stimulation can bring a woman. Just as many women can have particularly explosive orgasms when their G-spots are stimulated, many men have out-of-this-world climaxes when their P-spots are stimulated.

Your prostate gland is the site where your ejaculate is produced and is nestled between your bladder and your rectum. It is also surrounded by nerves that control erectile function and stimulation generates pleasure.

Putting pressure on the perineum (the space between your balls and your rectum can stimulate your prostate, your rectum is the best gateway to that exquisite pleasure zone. In addition, the rectum, itself, is packed with sensitive nerve endings that make the journey to the prostate as exciting as getting there is.

Prostate stimulation can be achieved using various methods including anal beads and fingers, especially during intercourse. Others like putting pressure on their prostate with a butt plug, and others like to have a dildo–vibrating or not. And the beauty of incorporating each of those toys into your sex life is that you don’t need a partner to do so. Just make sure that anything you put up your butt has a flared end to keep it from getting lost and plenty of lubricants.

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