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September 21, 2017 4 min read

Initially sold as “massagers”, sex toys were originally used as a medical treatment for women who were "hysterical.” Over time, they become regular pleasure tools. In the 1990s, the television show, “Sex and the City”, introduced the world to the “Rabbit”, which grew popular enough to make discussions about sex toys less taboo.

Today, you’ll seldom find a pharmacy without seeing several vibrators placed beside the condoms and lube.  

Over $15,000,000 is generated by the sex toy industry annually, with 16% of sales attributed to dildos and 19.2% to vibrators. 50% of females begin using sex toys in their twenties. 12% of females use a sex toy at least one per week to pleasure themselves. As far as which country owns the most vibrators, the answer is New Zealand. 35% of Kiwis own at least one. 53% of women today use sex toys, in comparison to only 1% of women in the 1970s.  

The oldest documented sex toy is 30,000 years old. It took a very long time for people to discuss them openly, as the discourse surrounding sex toys is usually mirrored in falsehoods, misconceptions, and discomfort.  

  1. Sex toys aren’t just for single people. 

One of the most popular misnomers about sex toys is that they’re only used by people who can’t get laid. This couldn’t be further from the truth. People use sex toys whether they’re single or in a committed relationship. 78% of females who use them are in relationships. They aren’t just used by women either - men use them too, as do couples during intercourse.  

  1. Sex toys enhance intimacy.  

Another bad assumption is that sex toys are only used by couples with boring sex lives. Not true. Recent research from the Kinsey Institute revealed that females who use vibrators are more inclined to keep gynecological appointments and endure enhanced levels of arousal, desire, orgasm, and lubrication. 

  1. Some women can’t have an orgasm without a sex toy. 

It’s a fun challenge to make a woman climax. Women apparently only have an orgasm 64% of the time. According to a study conducted in 2009, 75% of females are unable to reach orgasm during intercourse without the help of manual stimulation or a sex toy. The study also revealed that 10 to 15% of women fail to have any type of orgasm.  

Although a woman’s orgasm doesn’t have an evolutionary purpose like a man’s, it does provide plenty of health advantages, and makes women feel good in general. Orgasms can alleviate depression and stress, they can minimize the risk of breast cancer in both genders, and can also help cure a common cold. In other words, orgasms let females regulate their own health and pleasure.  

Even though all sex toys are created to improve existing pleasure, specific companies and products amp up the orgasmic experience for a woman.

  1. For couples, sex toys can be a game changer. 

Most sex toys can be used by both men and women. Vibrators, butt plugs, whips, restraints, ropes, paddles, blindfolds, camps, and electro-stimulation toys can be used by both sexes. Because these sex toys are gender-neutral, they encourage participants to get creative between the sheets. It can add a novelty aspect that many relationships lack.

  1. Talking about adult toys comfortably opens the doors for sex discussion. 

Many people become uncomfortable when sex toys are even eluded to. Integrating sex toys into a discussion, in spite of the awkwardness it may cause, may minimize guilt, shame, or embarrassment that tends to accompany both the act and the item.

  1. Sex toys help with sexual dysfunction. 

Women enduring anorgasmia (unable to achieve an orgasm despite plenty of stimulation) can benefit from using relaxing toys and vibrators, massage oils, and stimulation feathers. Additionally, sex toys can help males reach orgasm if they are unable to achieve an erection. As men get older and their organs don’t perform like they used to, toys can be a regular and important aspect of intimacy. 

  1. Sex toys can modify the bedroom’s atmosphere. 

Toys help females obtain greater pleasure from sex, as well make women feel less self-consciousness behind closed doors. For instance, ladies may enjoy blindfolding their partners to make them feel more confident about performing a sensual act.

  1. There are different sex toys for various people.  

If anal stimulation is your thing, you might want to give anal beads and butt plugs a try. If you find BDSM fascinating, try out some handcuffs and floggers. Sex toys are so advanced these days that your partner can control a vibrator with a smartphone app without the two of you being in the same room…or country!

The greatest aspect about purchasing a sex toy is that you can visit an e-commerce store or walk into a retail shop and be surrounded by people just as curious and interested in bettering their sex lives as you are. For those new to sex toys, it may feel like a frightening ordeal. However, whatever your insecurities are, it’s worthwhile to learn about sex toy benefits for the sake of enhancing your own bedroom pla

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