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November 20, 2017 2 min read

Boarding an airplane with adult devices, including sex toys, the relevant TSA guidelines are just as applicable as any other item. Although the TSA doesn’t ban the inclusion of sex toys and accessories in luggage, they may be isolated because of current TSA rules on dangerous and banned items.

How to fly with sex toys based on the rules of the TSA 

Definition of a sex toy

A sex toy is an item used to stimulate or instigate sexual arousal. Examples of sex toys are vibrators and dildos. They may be made of materials like wood, glass, silicone, plastic, or latex. Some sex toys are developed to mimic female or male genitalia. While most other normal, daily-used items can be used as a sex toy, this article concentrates on items that have been developed to be used exclusively as one.

What are the guidelines on traveling with sex toys?

Regulations on sex toy travel differ based on your destination. For the most part, when you travel domestically, you should check out the relevant guidelines of that country. However, when you travel from country to country, you must keep in mind each nation’s rules, including the ones you have stopovers in.

With regards to going through TSA security or flying on airlines within the U.S.A., there aren’t any federal limits on possession. There might be state or local laws banning sex toy possession, however. According to the list of restricted and prohibited items on, you’ll notice that the TSA won’t have issues with many sex toys.

Suggestions for traveling with sex toys

Use your best judgment to safeguard your sex toys and reduce the chances of the TSA embarrassing or delaying you:

  • Take out the batteries: This recommendation is applicable to all items that require batteries to run that won’t be used during the flight.
  • Be honest: If a TSA screener questions the item, flat out tell them what it is.
  • Don’t hide anything: Place items in individual transparent plastic bags. This will keep them from TSA screeners contaminating them if touched.
  • Refrain from bringing banned items: Many gel or liquid-filled items, as well as sharp items, aren’t allowed in carry-on baggage, but can be placed in checked luggage.

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