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June 20, 2018 3 min read

1. Communicate

This means keeping an open line of communication with your partner, as well as getting the input of a doctor if you’ve got any questions at all.
When you’re discussing sex with your partner, be playful and honest. Humour can open the floodgates of conversation and take the pressure off what to many is a bit of an embarrassing subject. After the topic is on the table though, you’ve got to be open and honest; tell them how you feel, and what your hopes are for the outcome of your talk.

2. Redefine Intimacy

Sex can be about being content with each other; sharing affectionate contact like hugging and kissing (clothing optional) can be as rewarding as a sexual session, and usually ends up leading to it, too!

3. Experiment

Sex isn’t about recreating experiences we had when we were in our 20s; it’s about figuring out what works for us right now. As in tip #2, try stimulation without penetration. Oral sex, mutual masturbation or just fooling around together with some sex toys are as enjoyable when shared. Try changing your sex routine and schedule to a time when you’re full of more energy; many people have their best sex in the morning after a good night’s sleep rather than at the end of a long day. Also consider switching up your sexual positions to ones that are more comfortable and useful for both your sensual needs, like spooning or woman-on-top.

4. Let Toys Come Between You

Sex toys may not have been something you’ve thought to use with your partner, but they can be a perfect remedy for increasing your chances of orgasming, bringing you closer together, and even prolonging sex!
A small, handheld clitoral vibrator like LILY 2 is lightweight and perfect for using to massage all over both of your bodies, and in different positions. A couples’ massager, which is worn within the vagina during lovemaking, using vibrations that focus on the clitoris, but travel internally to be felt within, to make your sensations a shared experience. A couples’ ring like TOR 2 is worn around the base of the penis and gently restricts blood flow for a fuller-looking erection that also offers external vibrations to both partners.

5. Find a New Perspective

It’s easy for anyone to get too used to the same thing over and over, but something as simple as setting fun goals and challenges makes sex an adventure. One of the best ways to do this is by brushing up on the Kama Sutra. You may think that sex positions for seniors mean ‘missionary,’ but there are plenty more adventurous ones you can adapt to your comfort levels! Check out our illustrated sex positions and remember that a firm cushion can make all the difference when it comes to adjusting a sex position for older couples.

6. Let It Go

Don’t ever dwell on how things are different now compared to your younger years, and always keep a positive attitude and open mind for the pleasurable things to come. You’re older and wiser; you know your limitations and strengths – and your acceptance of all these things makes you that much more attractive to prospective partners.
Own your age and experience – they don’t own you!

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